Get 100 likes - Win a FREE print!

For most of YOU, my clients, I love posting a preview image on my Facebook Page from your session, wedding, or event. While at it, I also would love to be able to give you a FREE 8x10 print ($25 value) of that image. All you have to do is get get 100 likes on the image on my post (meaning, not shared or reposted to your timeline or repurposed as profile or cover photo.)

Here are a few tips that can help make it easier in reaching that '100 likes' mark and beyond:

1. Tag yourself in the image on my post (and anyone you want, for that matter). If you haven’t tagged yourself in the first 5 minutes after I post, I will tag you, which brings me to point #2 (fee free to skip down to #2.) It's preferable to tag yourself and anyone you want in the image than to tag them in the comments.

On the mobile app, tap the image and then tap on the tag icon on the top right hand corner next to the three menu drop down dots. Once the icon is blue, you can start tagging away to your hearts content. It should look something like this:

tagging yourself on Facebook page app photo 1
tagging yourself on Facebook page app photo 2

On the desktop version, it's much more straight forward. Click on the image from my page's timeline and then click on the "Tag Photo" button located directly below the caption I wrote for the image. It should look something like this:

tag photo Facebook desktop 1

2. Check your security settings. Make sure they look something like the screenshot below so that when I tag you the tag and image shows up on your timeline.

Facebook privacy security settings

3. Do not share the image from my Facebook Page’s timeline otherwise the likes you get on the shared post do not count.

4. Request friends and family NOT to share the image for at least 48 hours after it was posted for the same reason as #3.

5. Resist the urge to make the image your profile or cover photo for at least 24 hours, although I recommend 48 hours (this is the toughest one.)

And, with that, you have a good really chance of getting 100 likes. I always tag myself so that my list of friends can give you a little boost with their likes.

Remember this is completely optional and you most certainly can choose to opt out. If you prefer to not participate in the free print giveaway and would rather make the image your profile or cover photos, please keep these two things in mind:

1. DO NOT crop the image in any way, especially the logo. Facebook mobile (on your phone) makes you crop the image. If you make the image your profile picture from a desktop or laptop computer, then you have the option to skip cropping. See screenshot below:

skip cropping on Facebook profile photo

2. Always tag my Facebook Page (not my personal profile, although you're more than welcome to add me as your buddy!) and shoutout a mention in the image description. The easiest way is to type “@“ followed by “adalizdesantisphtography” and my Facebook Page should come up. It'll look like this:

how to tag a page on the description

3. If you’re sharing on Instagram, please tag @adalizdesantisphotography, photo credit mention in description @adalizdesantisphotography, and use #adalizdesantisphotography


That’s it. Easy peasy! I hope you all enjoy all your Facebook preview posts and I can't wait to get so many of you FREE prints!!!!