Bodegas Hidalgo 10 Year Anniversary Tasting | Biltmore Hotel - Coral Gables, FL

I recently had the immense pleasure of capturing a wine tasting (heck yeah, right?!) hosted by Hidalgo Imports/Bodegas Hidalgo in celebration of their 10 year anniversary. They have one of the largest Spanish wine portfolios in the area, not to mention so much variety in wines from across Europe. The event took place at The Biltmore Hotel, in the heart of Coral Gables, where rows upon rows or tables showcased some of the most delicious wines and spirits I have yet to experience, one of which (Alidis) is very special to me, as that's is how I met my husband.

The mood was so festive and engaging and, despite the grand size of the room the event was hosted, the mood was intimate - like when you get together with some friends to drink and talk wine because wine not! People were there, not just having fun, but also eagerly learning about the myriad of wines Hidalgo carries. 

Hands down, my favorite part of the event (other than the wine, ehem...) was watching mixologist Robert Eldridge, from The Broken Shaker at The Freehand - Miami, create some delectable cocktails using Hidalgo's own Sherry as well as other spirits along with some unique (and delicious) ingredients!

I seriously cannot wait to try the amazing wines and cocktails I'll be having at some of the best restaurants in South Florida who carry their portfolio. YUMMY!