DeCespedes Family | Parkland Golf & Country Club Day In the Life Session - Parkland, FL

Not all family sessions need to take place at the beach or park. Some of the most genuine, loving, fun-filled moment happen right in your home during your every day, day-to-day life.

I studied filmmaking back at Emerson College and focused my BFA in Documentary Filmmaking and Photography. Yet, I have spent the greater part of my photographic career learning and focusing on how to pose couples and families instead of doing what I learned to do best: non-intrusively document. 

So…. I recently spent 7 hours with the DeCespedes family (Michael, Kelly, Landon, Liam, and Lucas) in their home in Parkland Golf & Country Club capturing some truly sweet (yet real) moments between mom, dad, and their three little men and let me just tell you - I.AM.IN.LOVE. The day started right before Landon and Liam came from from school. We spent about 30 minutes (maybe) on the bed doing some styled/posed shots with the whole family in order to get the kids “used to” the camera so they would rapidly stop “acting” for me. (It also got mom some pretty cute shots of her boys.)

In between the multiple pillow fights, building imaginary weapons for pretend play, playing dress up WITH MOM AND DAD, and capturing loving moments between Landon, Liam and Baby Lucas, this type of session is rapidly becoming my favorite. 

Mom’s favorite part: letting her boys be boys and capture these sweet times in their lives without trying to force them to look at the camera while incessantly bribing them with candy while doing a shoot that takes place well after their bed time.

Dad’s favorite part: not having to dress up and show up at a park and sweat while posing cuz, seriously, who rustles in the leaves during the summer in South Florida with their family JUST FOR FUN? No one - that’s who.

And what about my faves, you ask? Lucas' unruly head of hair, capturing the boys bringing out a crown for mom during dress up (because she’s their Queen, duh!), Liam’s tears of frustration from Spiderman gloves not fitting quite right (mom, dad and I all tried to help all to no avail - he’s a perfectionist), dinner time’s rigorous toddler seal of approval process, bath time bubble hats (Landon is such a laid back little man), picking out books for bedtime, the hallway ninja dance party, little moments between the big brothers Landon and Liam and little brother Lucas, and the way mom and dad just looked at each other from time to time with just love and support - you know, real family stuff that happens everyday. And yes, Kelly is genuinely smiling like that all the time.