A Piece of Grass

For months my then-boyfriend Kyle had sat me down on the computer or iPad and asked me to look up engagement rings so I could show him what I liked. One day, I finally asked my now-husband if he was ever planning on asking to me to marry him, since I too had had plenty of time to think about wanting to marry him. He said that it was his intention but then admitted he wanted to get me a beautiful ring – the PERFECT RING. I responded that the ring didn’t really matter to me and he looked at me like I was insane! For all I cared, he could have tied a piece of grass around my finger since what mattered to me was true commitment, which comes from the question and not necessarily the jewelry.

In this day and age, we put so much weight into an engagement ring but what most people miss is that, while the ring can be anywhere in the price spectrum and it’s sticker price is surely a thing to be noted by gawkers as some sort of trophy, it is the time that the significant other takes to find said ring, and not its price tag. In this search process, it is where the idea, “I am going to be spending the rest of my life with so-and-so, this one special someone I endlessly love,” has time to simmer and sink in. The person popping the question can then think to themselves, “what ring can I give this special someone that can try to come close to symbolize and encompass how I feel about this person…?”

It is with this in mind that, every time I sit down to capture an engagement ring, I aim to capture the timeless moment when the big question was popped. It’s not about the size or quality of the rock or the precious (or other) metal it's made from. It’s about the size and quality of the love. After all, it could have been a ring tattoo, a toy ring, or  just a plain old piece of grass.

There is so much beauty in the rings themselves but it’s that one question, “Will you marry me?” that adds a priceless value to them.