Let's capture vibrant, bold love!





Recently engaged? Let's celebrate with a photoshoot!!! I want to spend a beautiful and sunny Florida afternoon with you as I capture romantic and ethereal images with a touch of fun at locations that best describe your personalities and tell the story of who you are as a couple! Met at a swanky Irish bar? Let's have a toast! Was your first date at a carnival? I'm down with some cotton candy!

Less is more

During your engagement session, we will have the opportunity to capture what makes your love so uniquely yours – no need for props or intricate set-ups. 

what happens during the session?

After we have chosen a location, we will spend about 1-2 hours capturing your smiles, kisses, laughter, and silly dance moves. As we move through the session, we will flow through natural moments that happen in real life as well as some timeless poses. Next thing you know the sun is setting, the session comes to an end, and we can go get tacos.

Where should we do the sessioN?

 I always suggest choosing a location that is meaningful to you so that there's chemistry between you and your environment. Otherwise I have a myriad of beautiful spots we can shoot at.

What Should we wear?

I always encourage a two looks for the session: one that is a reflections of your personality and one that portrays a more elegant feel for a timeless look. Met at a rock concert? Wear that band's shirt you bought! Had your first date at a rodeo? Let's dust off those cowboy boots! Multiple outfits allows us to add variety to the session. But don't go overboard. The more outfits, the less time for shooting – which means less images I can deliver and we wouldn't want that, would we?

Can we have fun?

Yes, absolutely yes. Do you want to have a powder paint war at Wynwood Walls? Game on! Want to get wet and wild at the beach? I'll bring my bathing suit (and protective camera gear.) It doesn't have to get crazy for it to be fun and uniquely you.

What's included?

Engagement sessions are all-inclusive – this means you get all the images with download code and print release. If you purchase a stand-alone engagement session, the purchase price will easily and gladly be applied toward any wedding package, if you loved me so much that you have to have me there for the big day (it would be an honor!) This applies to any local, out-of-state, and destination weddings.