Alex + Ellen | Women's Club of Coconut Grove Wedding

The minute I found out I would be shooting this wedding I knew it would be unique, not because it was two women getting married, but because of one of the women, whom I have known since my teens, found the (super awesome) love of her life and they chose me to capture their love… Their engagement session was a colorful blast of fun (coming soon to the blog) and I knew right then and there I was in for a fun day filled with funny quirks and sweet sentimental moments.

I have to say that the hardest part about creating this blog post was trying to keep it together and not break down into happy tears while I went through the images reliving their day.

Alex, I am so grateful you are my friend and, along with Ellen, have trusted me with your wedding day. I cried like a freaking baby during the ceremony and loved every second of it (not to mentioned all the little moments I was chocked up while you two were getting ready). Seeing some of our old high school friends made it feel like a really fun, weird, mini reunion with the cool kids from school - from another dimension. I don’t think I have shot a wedding where I knew so many of the guests before!

Ellen, thank you for always being lovely and loving my crazy ideas (as I dismantle your hotel room just for a shot or two) and being awesome about driving Alex crazy along with me with absurd amounts of messages in our “wedding photos” Facebook chat. Thank you for making my job easy and having an amazingly sweet group of friends and family to photograph during your day.

Thank you to both of you for letting me talk you into jumping in the pool after your beautiful sparkler exit (which entailed getting Alex to go back into her gown).

But most importantly, seeing you two happy and in love and having fun together (the way I hope it will be for the rest of your lives) was a sincere privilege. I love all of my weddings a ton. I’m a sap. We’ve been over this in my past blog posts. But this wedding… this day… this couple… makes me want to squeeze you guys with excessive love (like Elvira and her pets.)

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It is weddings like yours that make me love what I do so much more than i already do!

May you guys be blessed on this sliver of time always and forever.



P.S. Thanks to your cake cutting song, your entire wedding was edited to Ingrid Michelson.

Photography: Adaliz DeSantis Photography
Venue: The Woman's Club of Coconut Grove