Who I am


I'm about to pull a Tarantino on you. Ready?! I believe that photographs fill in the blanks of our memories with moments we don't want to forget. It is with this thought that I approach every shoot, from weddings to family sessions, so that I can capture the emotions and details that makes life so very special (this is even how my husband and I choose to document our personal lives.) But first, let me tell you how my life led me to this conclusion.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and relocated to South Florida when I was ten years old leaving most of my childhood belongings and only bringing a handful of moments and sentimental trinkets and a bag full of photographs. As a child, I immersed myself in dance, art, literature, and music until I stumbled upon my mom's old Pentax Honeywell. At this point, everything else became secondary to capturing the world around me and seeing what I had shot on the grainy film. As a teen, I especially loved photographing my parents while they performed their music at local venues. When I graduated high school, I decided to attend Emerson College in Boston where I earned a BFA in film and photography.

When I wasn't in class or doing "homework" (let's face it, making films and taking photographs hardly feels like homework), I was sneaking into abandoned buildings across New England to document that space. 


This is where I truly learned to photograph and document what was in front of me without fabricating a scene: to capture what was and not what I thought it ought to be. A true documentarian was born in between the peeling paint of the walls and crumbling floors of these spaces.

After graduating, I moved to LA only to come back to the East Coast a few months later. While back home, I spent the majority of my time searching for a career path that suited me. This led me to work at Apple (where I learned how to love every client like family), an advertising agency doing graphic design (where I fine-tuned my keen eye for composition), and a children's art museum (where I taught kids art – because there's no better combination for fun in the world!) All the while, I still kept photographing the world around me while searched for my happiness.

It wasn't until my own wedding that I found myself falling more and more in love with weddings and raw human emotions. Browsing the works of amazing wedding photographers online finally gave me a goal: to create beautiful imagery out of anything from an elaborate, flower-filled wedding to messy, beautiful ordinary life.

I now reside in Fort Lauderdale where I live with my amazing hubby, spunky daughter, and three crazy dachshunds.


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THINGS I'm obsessed with (Besides weddings and pretty SPRAKLY things)

My family, nutella, yoga, printed books, my dachshunds, sting rays, otters, abandoned buildings, wine, seafood, scuba diving and taking selfies with my amazing couples!

Also, the word awesome. I think I kind of abuse the use of that word because it's AWESOME!

Things i'm not so stoked about

Pickles, capers, sauerkraut, and horror movies - I will literally cry if you make me watch one and it won't be cute. You've been warned.

Also, those little ceramic pilgrim salt and pepper shakers from Publix. So creepy! And now they also have Mr. and Mrs. Clause and a couple snow people to add to the mix. Why - just WHY?!

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